I was so lazy?
I have been so busy recently.
Long story short, I have been racing this season.
so far I finished 12 races and more.
OVRP which is my favorite race track has 13 raaces in this year.
Tomorrow will be the last race in this season.

I had so many things happen this year.
Broke the frame, seazed valves, cylinder barrel was fucked and so on.
However overall, Im leading 2 classes which are Vintage and Open Amateur.

These are photo of this season.
Im gonna update later anyway.

DSC07549.jpg DSC07550.jpg
ready to race !!      I got used to this bike.

IMG_2372.jpg IMG_2373.jpg
Then I broke this frame @ electric city.
Track was little bit rough compare with OVRP.
I didnt care about how rough track is.
After heat I checked the nuts and bolts, then found this crack was around the front frame.

DSC07579.jpg DSC07580.jpg
DSC07582.jpg DSC07607.jpg
I gotta fix this frame till next weekend.
pop the engine off and send this to my friend Seth who is very good at frame welding.

DSC07576.jpg DSC07577.jpg
I gotta frame back. Thanx Seth, great job !!

DSC07548.jpg DSC07547.jpg
Also Hugh gave these brand new racing tire for me as a BONUS!!

DSC07641.jpg DSC07640.jpg
Ready to go racing !!

DSC07621.jpg DSC07608.jpg DSC07620.jpg
That was a 8th race or 9th race.
After heat I heard weird noise from EG.
But I was doing great the day.
How can I stop racing???
I was keep racing whole day also won the open amateur class.
After come back shop, pop the head off then valve was seazed, push rod bent and cylinder was fucked...
I gotta change anothre cylinder which I don think we have...
valves, push rod, piston etc etc...
till next weekend.
These days I have 5 races in a roll.

DSC07631.jpg DSC07628.jpg
valve was seazed... think over reving???

DSC07623.jpg DSC07625.jpg DSC07626.jpg
finally found anothre cyclinder!
its not perfect condition, but hey! couple race more!!

DSC07629.jpg DSC07627.jpg
After every race I broke something then every weekdays after work, I gotta fix till midnite...
Almost there.
one more race.
I gotta beat #495 Nick boy this Sun.